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I write all types of bookish content, including reviews and recommendation lists. ☕️ Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube: @sarahscoffeecup

Book Review

I don’t even know what this book was about.

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The ending saved this book from being a two-star read.

Keep in mind that I gave the first and second book five stars. Even during the re-read, I fully enjoyed them both. I was debating giving the second book four stars after the re-read, but I decided to honor the original rating when I wrote up the review.

The first book is a solid retelling of Beauty and the Beast, where Rhen and Harper’s story is told. A beast falling in love with a beauty, and vice versa. The second book follows Grey and his journey as he finds his…

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You like to read, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here enjoying this brand new publication. My vision for A Bookish Cup of Coffee is to create a tight-knit, reading-obsessed community.

By becoming a writer, you will be able to gush about amazing books you’ve read, vent about books you’ve hated, participate in book tags, and recommend books to fellow readers, among other bookish things.

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Book Review

a book about a guardsman finding his footing in a brutal way

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First Impressions

I cannot express how excited I was to pick up this book. I was hooked by the first novel, A Curse So Dark And Lonely, and I wanted to dive into its sequel right away. The cover is beautiful, adorned with raised features and a beautiful background.

Many readers in the bookish community are torn apart by this novel. Half of them loved it and raved about it, while the other half picketed against it. I can see why, having read the novel. However, I was hesitant because I didn’t know if I would be forced to DNF it. …

Book Review

A dark and twisted poetry collection.

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Let’s set the scene: it’s Friday. I work at a school as a paraprofessional in the age of COVID. Fridays are “flex” days, which means we have small groups of students that come in for extra help. I have one student in the class I’m assisting and the teacher is fully capable of servicing this single student.

A work friend of mine asks, “Did you know that Tim Burton writes poetry?” She pulls out a small hardcover book with a black and purple cover, opening it up and scanning the pages. …

Written by a woman with PTSD, for people with PTSD.

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I have PTSD, which stands for post traumatic stress disorder. This is a disorder that is birthed by trauma. A common misconception is that PTSD is just for veterans. You would not believe how many odd stares I get when I divulge that I have been diagnosed with PTSD because I look like I’m twelve and it’s clear that I’ve never seen war.

In the same breath, I am not undermining the experiences that veterans have gone through. However, I am saying that veterans are not the only ones who have PTSD. It’s not limited to those who have seen…

Book Review

A Beauty and the Beast Retelling

Image created by author using Canva and book cover from Goodreads.

First Impressions

I loved this book from the instant I picked it up. I’m not going to lie, this book made itself known on my TBR because of all of the hype in the bookish community. However, I can totally see why the community is in love with it.

Don’t be daunted by its size. It’s a large book, totaling out to 477 pages. It goes by super quickly. I think it’s Kemmerer’s writing style, but this book is an easy read, despite its dark content.

The cover is gorgeous, the description is intoxicating, and I loved that it’s a retelling of…

A Book Review

A powerful, short collections of poems that exemplify grief & being Black and queer.

Image created by author using Goodreads for the book cover and Canva for everything else.

Natasha T. Miller ~ Releasing February 23, 2021 by Button Poetry ~ Poetry / Memoir / LGBTQIA+ ~ 5 Stars

“Butcher is a book about love & loss — about being unapologetic and transparent in grief.

Natasha finds an unexpected solace in the kitchen after losing her best friend and brother, Marcus. Here, using the cuts of the cow as a metaphor Miller, explores addiction, family & tragedy.

Butcher takes the body of a cow and cleaves it into 5 parts: envisioning the cuts as relationship with family members and social forces. Her Mother the rib, her Brother the brisket…

A Book Review

A psychiatrist takes on a patient that other doctors in the psych ward has given up on.

Image created by author using Canva and Goodreads for the book cover.

“The Silent Patient by way of Stephen King: Parker, a young, overconfident psychiatrist new to his job at a mental asylum, miscalculates catastrophically when he undertakes curing a mysterious and profoundly dangerous patient.” — Goodreads

Jasper DeWitt~ Published July 7th 2020 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

~ 244 Pages ~4.5 Hours ~ Adult Horror / Thriller ~ 3 Stars

I went into this book thinking it would scare the crap out of me. It didn’t. The Patient is creepy and scary, but it didn’t keep me up all night, like I’d been lead to believe. I read this in a single…

A Book Review

A novella featuring a creepy little boy, demon-like entities, and sour candy.

Created by the author using Goodreads for the book cover and Canva for everything else.

Kealan Patrick Burke ~ Published November 6, 2015 by Smashwords ~ 67 Pages ~ Adult Horror Novella ~ 4 Stars

I’m not a fan of short stories. Historically, short stories have disappointed me and left me wanting for more. There’s not enough room for the author to develop the characters, an intricate plot, and the world in a short story.

Or so I thought.

Kealan Patrick Burke’s Sour Candy has made me realize that maybe I’ve been reading the wrong short stories.

A Book Review

An adorable male-male romance that exhibits the rivals-to-lovers trope under the eve of political stress.

Created by author using Goodreads book cover and Canva

“What happens when America’s First Son falls in love with the Prince of Wales?” — Amazon

Casey McQuiston ~ Published May 14th 2019 by Macmillan Audio ~ 421 Pages ~ 12 Hours & 15 Minute Audiobook ~ New Adult LGBTQ Contemporary Romance ~ 5 Stars

Politics and I don’t get along. The happenings in the White House tend to spark my anxiety and with the year we’ve all just had, I was not looking to pick this book up any time soon.

Boy, am I glad that Libby came through for me because this is just what I ended up…

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